Interesni Kazki


Interesni Kazki is...

Aleksei Bordusov and Vladimir Manzhos, a duo from the Ukraine who also go by their respective aliases AEC and WAONE. They were the precursors of the graffiti movement in the East European countries and have painted public walls in the Ukraine and Russia for the past ten years. In the last three years, they have also painted a lot around Europe in their distinctive narrative and symbolist style. Aleksei describes a recent mural they did in Ibiza, Spain: "I see the storyline as: Love, which is symbolized by the girl with the multicolored cube, stops the game or struggle between good and evil, which is symbolized by black and white hands."

Aleksei and Vladimir are inspired by themes such as science, religion, cosmology and social subjects, though they usually make work with free meanings that everyone can interpret on their own. "Every single piece is sort of a rebus and contains a secret to decipher," is noted in the text for their last exhibition in Milan. The artists are not yet sure exactly what they will paint Outside the Walls but we can be sure that their mural, scheduled for completion by the end of November 2011, will be full of "interesting stories" or "interesting colors"—that is the meaning of their joint name Interesni Kazki. The finished mural will be featured in the next edition of this book.