Brooklyn-based artists FAILE and BÄST...

have collaborated on urban projects since their beginnings in 1999. At that time the wheat-pasted posters and stenciled images they placed on city streets were singular in the graffiti landscape. They pioneered the use of found imagery, sampling images as a DJ does with sounds, and traveled internationally, particularly around Europe, to bring their work to a growing street art audience. Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller of FAILE note that they have focused mostly on their studio practice since their early years, but they continue to create public works with installations like their full-scale Temple ruin project in Portugal and their interactive Deluxx Fluxx Arcade project in New York and London.

For the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar patio wall, Patrick McNeil and BÄST painted a salon of imagery with different narratives, stories and themes all interwoven for the viewer to explore. BÄST had just arrived from his solo show in England, so we are especially lucky to present his most recent work. He sampled retro imagery such as food and airline advertising, and the result is an all-American surrealism that inspires, charms, disturbs and amuses. FAILE's images are a selection of their work mostly from 2010–2011. In the background of the wall, painted in bright blue with rollers, the letters spell BAILE to mark the collaboration. Patrick comments, "For us it wasn't too over-thought. It's just more about getting together, having some fun in a legal spot, and not having the stress of doing it on the street."

It was Patrick's first time in Miami, and he enjoyed his short trip for the Wynwood Walls project. "It was nice to see it situated and get a better understanding of how it all works spatially as a park, and how people came into it and enjoyed it. That was exciting. It's kind of an interesting experiment what happens when you inject art into a down-and-out industrial community. I think it will be pretty fun to watch over the next new years to see how much it grows, how that neighborhood will change even more dramatically."