HOW & NOSM are...

Raoul and Davide Perre,twin brothers who grew up in Germany practicing graffiti since 1988. After traveling around the world and painting on myriad surfaces including subway trains, they moved to New York in 1999, shortly after being invited to join TATS CRU, a well-known Bronx-based crew of professional muralists. Their speed, versatility and command of the spray-paint medium comes from over fifteen years of painting large-scale murals—they completed their Wynwood wall, which they considered a relatively small one, in less than four days.

In recent years HOW & NOSM have been wowing viewers with a new style, recognizable for its use of a limited color palette of primarily black, red and white, mostly spray-painted, but also filled-in with latex paint, stencils and some brushwork. While wild style graffiti twisted the letter, these urban artists fluidly twist the image, with one line leading to another image in telling a story. Their style developed in their visits to South America, especially Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to save money on the high cost of cans and for mobility reasons. "Traveling by bus, bike, foot and metro, it was just easier to carry a bucket of white and black latex paint, a few black, white and red spray cans so that two walls could be done a day."

The imagery in HOW & NOSM's new mural for Wynwood is a world to explore, built around the theme of homing pigeons, which are bred to carry messages and find their way home. On the left a pigeon head rises out of the water; a dead pigeon lies on its back in the center, and the character on the right, a human-bird hybrid, symbolizes the viewer watching the scene unfold. While the artists' own relationship with pigeons is one of love and hate, they chose the specific bird to deliver their message and to represent New York. The story here is as much about self-destruction, and the destruction of Mother Nature, as it is an abstract reflection on life and death.