Logan Hicks


Logan Hicks deals with the urban landscape...

in his work. His intricate stenciled murals depict the nuances of city life that epitomize the urban existence, this time in a moody and reflective nightscape. Any stencil he creates is based on a photo that he's taken, and for the Wynwood mural, Logan was inspired by his experience of wandering around the city between one and four o'clock in the morning taking hundreds of photos—"that peaceful quiet time that's so rare in a city like New York."

The Brooklyn-based artist had been putting up murals in the Wynwood district from 2006 for Primary Flight, an initiative that shared a similar artistic concept in its placement of outdoor murals around the neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. Logan's chance to contribute to the more centralized Wynwood Walls in 2009 was timely as it marked the beginning of a new direction and body of work for him.

The nightscape Logan masterfully created for the Wynwood Walls has more layers and is more intricate and somber than other work he has done. All the stencils made for the 40- by 7-foot wall needed to be cut in advance, and during the intense production, Logan remembers having new stencils sent overnight from his studio in New York just as he was finishing one of the seven layers that finally comprised the piece.

"I've known of Tony Goldman for years. When you think of SoHo in New York and what it is; a lot of that is attributed to Tony. Doing Wynwood was amazing because who knows where it will be in fifty years from now. You would like to think you're at the beginning of something that's going to grow into something larger than the sum of the parts. Tony really seems to have an understanding about how art is basically like the shock troops of gentrification. That's what people look to for the indicators of where something is happening or where there is culture."