Os Gemeos


Os Gemeos are no strangers...

to mural work; their colorful images adorn buildings in cities including Berlin, Lisbon, New York, Moscow, Athens, Krakow, and in their native Brazil they've even painted whole trains—after successfully persuading the authorities to let them do it. Since the late 1980s identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo have been working under the name Os Gemeos, which means "twin brothers" and stands for "one world, one voice" among other associations they make. Painting graffiti on the streets of their native São Paulo, they first emulated the styles coming out of New York City, but slowly the pair discovered their own style and approach to their work. Today Os Gemeos' signature characters with their yellow skin and colorful clothing appear on public walls, and gallery and museum installations around the world.

For the Wynwood Walls, Os Gemeos collaborated with Nina and Finok, two Brazilian artists they have worked with many times before, so it was a relatively easy and comfortable process to decide what to paint. They discussed all the details and made a lot of sketches before coming to the final composition that greets us on 2nd Avenue. We see Os Gemeos' characters in the back of a truck floating in the ocean that springs from Nina's wide-eyed girl's hair, while Finok's half-man, half-boat waits on the beach. Is this about the immigrants that regularly wash up on Miami's shores? "Kind of … but it can be whatever people imagine," Gustavo says. "We love to give the opportunity to the people to fly away!"

Around the corner on 24th Street, their intention is more obvious: "We invited many friends to do their names there, so we can have a wall with many different styles from graffiti writers from different places." The twins were immediately drawn to the idea of Wynwood Walls as an outdoor gallery in a country where very strict graffiti laws prevent so much artistic expression. They admire Tony Goldman's willingness to plant the seeds in order for the Wynwood community to grow. Os Gemeos say that this desire to foster growth was "one of the main things between us, to believe in the same dream."