Ron English


Ron English was already familiar with...

the Wynwood district of Miami when he joined the Goldman Properties project in its second year. By that time it had already become every artist's dream to create a masterpiece for the Wynwood Walls. Tony Goldman had seen Ron's paintings and identified some of his favorite pop images including "hulk boy" and the "ying yang" character, but other decisions such as painting the tarmac were made by the artist on site.

On the left side of the wall Ron used the natural light and shadows that were cast from the tree in front of it, tracing their lines during various moments in the day before filling them in with color. He also played with perspective—the "camo deer" in the mural looks from a certain angle that it's standing on the existing rock in front of the wall, and the camo deer sculptures add to the 3-D sensation of the installation coming to life.

Ron was amazed by his experience of what seemed like a Woodstock for street artists in Wynwood. "To me it felt like art history was unfolding right before our eyes." He recounts meeting legends like Kenny Scharf and Phase 2, and how all the kids he met had worked so hard to get there for the chance to be part of the community and express their art. It seems that every city he goes to now wants to replicate the Wynwood Walls.

While building owners and street artists may not have been friends before, Ron thinks that this could change in places like Detroit because art is rebirth, and each party understands that he can help the other. The New York–based artist, known also for his billboard liberations, believes that beautiful masterpieces can even keep tagging down in public spaces because of the respect they engender. He wonders that to achieve what Wynwood has, "sometimes you need a central figure like Tony to make it happen."