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Walls of Change

In 2009, The Cinemart (thecinemart.com) traveled to Wynwood, Miami with the late Urban Visionary Tony Goldman to document his efforts to re-invent the Neighborhood with Street Art and Entrepreneurial Innovation.

The result was Here Comes The Neighborhood (vimeo.com/herecomestheneighborhood)

After the Series premiered in 2011, the team continued to work with the Goldman Family and Artists from around the World to document this remarkable transformation: from a dormant industrial quarter into the global Mecca of Street Art and one of the fastest nieghborhood revitalizations in American history. Over six years in the making, "Walls of Change" taps into a deep film and photo archive, featuring over 25 of the World's biggest names in Street Art and Graffiti and exclusive photographs from legendary documentarian Martha Cooper.
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Check out our collaborative video highlighting Magnus Sodamin’s immersive mural and show during Art Basel, Calm Before the Sun. Referring to the tranquility before sunrise on the water, Calm Before the Sun featured a series of contemplative paintings against Sodamin’s trademark kaleidoscopic wash of dayglow paint. The space comes to life under an innovative lighting system continually shifting to reveal unexpected views.

Episode One - Introducing the Walls

In the first episode of HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD the stage is set for the Wynwood Arts District. Parking lots, loading docks and factory walls are transformed into “The Wynwood Walls”. Founder Tony Goldman explains his vision for a town center, while Jeffrey Deitch, Arts Manager Meghan Coleman and Co-Curator Medvin Sobio offer their insight into the project’s significance, taking us into the present day expansion. In addition, Photographer Martha Cooper and Miami based Mural Project Primary Flight weigh in.

Participating artists: Kenny Scharf, Shepherd Fairey, Kunle Martins (Earsnot), Gaia, Shie Moreno, and Patrick McNeal from the artist collective Faile.

Featuring Original Music from: Hanni El Khatib, Ducky, Tommy Mas and Clams Casino.

The Wynwood Walls presents The Art of Collaboration

This short offers a look at The Wynwood Wall’s program for Art Basel 2014: The Art of Collaboration. Debuting with the city of Miami’s renaming ceremony of NW 2nd avenue to Tony Goldman Way, The Art of Collaboration not only answered the question- what happens when two artists, each with their own unique style, come together to create something never before imagined but also celebrated the collaboration of art and community.

Miami City Ballet in HEATSCAPE at The Wynwood Walls

This preview of Justin Peck's newest work for Miami City Ballet (MCB), Heatscape, premiering on March 27, 2015, was shot on location at The Wynwood Walls.

Commissioned by MCB artistic director Lourdes Lopez, the new work will feature original art design by Shepard Fairey. At the suggestion of Lopez, Peck took in the colorful street art in the burgeoning arts district of Wynwood, Miami. He was particularly drawn to Shepard’s murals on display at The Wynwood Walls. Inspired, he contacted Fairey, who agreed to create an original art backdrop for HEATSCAPE.

The Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami 2013: Women on the Walls

Celebrating the contributions of outstanding women street artists, Goldman Properties along with Jeffrey Deitch presented Women on the Walls during Art Basel Miami 2013 featuring Lady Pink, Fafi, Miss Van, Kashink, Maya Hayuk, Faith47, Aiko, Sheryo, Lakwena & Olek.


On June 2nd, 2012 Tony Goldman received the Doc Baker Lifetime Achievement Award from the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. This short film is our dedication to an amazing man, whose accomplishments, spirit and vision far exceed accolades and awards.

2014 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Vision Awards Tony Goldman Tribute

On August 27th, 2014, the legacy of Tony Goldman and Goldman Properties were awarded with the Urban Land Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award. In honor of the award Goldman Properties produced this short film dedicated to the extraordinary life of Tony Goldman and the gifts he bestowed on all of us.

Le Petit Papillon Montessori School field trip to The Wynwood Walls

Episode Seven - Martha Cooper

Legendary photographer Martha Cooper has been documenting graffiti and graffiti writers since the late 1970s. Her and Henry Chalfant’s book “Subway Art”, originally published in 1984, was largely responsible for the globalization of graffiti. She has remained a fixture in the community and culture, and has been documenting The Wynwood Walls since the project began in 2009. Her photos tell the story of The Wynwood Walls from its inception to expansion, and all of the artists and their respective works. In graffiti and street art, nothing is permanent, even commissioned walls. Because of the temporary nature of the medium, Martha’s photos outlast almost every piece of graffiti or street art itself.

Check out Martha’s blog on 12ozProphet 12ozprophet.com/index.php/martha_cooper/

This episode contains original music from Tommy Mas twitter.com/#!/TommyMasNYC

Episode Six - IRAK

In this episode of Here Comes the Neighborhood, Kunle Martins aka EARSNOT, founder of the IRAK CREW, along with Jesse Geller aka NEMEL break down the importance of good penmanship, the difference between murals and graffiti, and the concept behind their “tagging mosaic” in Wynwood. Stealing, masturbation and other compulsive behaviors are also addressed.

For more information on Kunle Martins follow him at twitter.com/KunleIRAK

Jesse Geller, his dog and his girlfriend can be found at coastttocoast.tumblr.com/

This episode contains original music from Hanni El Khatib (“You Rascal You”) hannielkhatib.com/ as well as original music from Clams Casino (“bombing”) twitter.com/clammyclams

Episode Five - Saner and Sego

In this Episode of Here Comes the Neighborhood, Mexican artists Saner and Sego collaborate on a mural for The Wynwood Walls. They create a colorful dreamscape together, building on themes that each of the artists have explored for years. Saner’s interpretation of the work, and his poetic eloquence helps elevate the wall into an ethereal realm, while Sego, traveling to the United States for the first time, brings an astute attention to detail, and a stunning technique grounded in the complexities of the natural world. These Artists exemplify the power of art, both public and private, to function as a change agent, using this mural as a tool to reframe the worlds view of Mexico; from a dangerous narco state, to one of the most beautiful, mystical and transformative cultures in the world.

For more information on the artists featured in this episode visit their sites listed below.

Saner (http://www.saner.com.mx/)
Sego (http://segoyovbal.blogspot.com/)

This episode features music from Emile Haynie

For more info regarding The Wynwood Walls visit (thewynwoodwalls.com)

For more on the creative team behind this series visit (hctn.tv/learn-more/) or contact info@hctn.tv

Follow the series at vimeo.com/herecomestheneighborhood

Paint Provided By 33third Los Angeles, Mid City Arts and Montana Cans

Episode Four - Intercambio

In this Episode of Here Comes The Neighborhood, a cast of young up-and-coming international artists are in the spotlight for their contributions to The Wynwood Walls and the district at large. Curatorial Advisor Medvin Sobio of the Visual Arts Collective Viejas Del Mercado, 33third Los Angeles and Mid City Arts expresses the importance of a cultural exchange and building a platform for communication and reconciliation through Public Art. Art’s Manager Meghan Coleman explains the narratives behind the work from some of this year’s Artists, while Photographer Martha Cooper shares her unique perspective, having seen the graffiti and street art movement expand in the 1970′s from the New York City train yards to its state today as one of the largest art movements in the world.

Founder Tony Goldman expresses his privilege to welcome this year’s artists whom are traveling to the United States for the first time, including Alejandre Farto aka Vhils from Portugal, Neuzz, Sego and Saner from Mexico, Interesni Kazki from The Ukraine, b. from Greece and Liqen from Spain.

Episode Three - Kenny Scharf

In this Episode, Kenny Scharf returns to Wynwood to expand on a piece he started in 2009, one of the original The Wynwood Walls. Having seen street art evolve from the New York City graffiti scene in the 1980s, to its status today as an established and respected international art movement, he reflects on his life and career as an Artist. He addresses the downside of art being treated as fashion, and articulates the importance of creating a project where the art itself is not for sale. Kenny also discusses the pros and cons of gentrification and how it relates to the Wynwood district.

Featured Music: “Good Morning Midnight” (Hussle Club)

For more info on Kenny Scharf see http://kennyscharf.com/

Episode Two - GAIA

Having just graduated from art school this year, Gaia is the youngest artist to join The Wynwood Walls. For the Wynwood Doors, a portrait gallery of murals within the collection, Gaia painted a mural of Henry Flagler, the powerful oil and railroad tycoon who is responsible for modern day Florida. With this, he continues a practice of implanting modernist figures into landscapes that they have drastically changed for better or worse.

Featured Music: “Sleeptalk” & “Cross” by Papertwin

For more info on Gaia visit (http://gaiastreetart.com/)

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