GGA Gallery

The GGA gallery, inside The Wynwood Walls, is a dynamic public space dedicated to over 100 of the world’s greatest street artists.  The artists and individual works are carefully selected by Goldman Global Arts co-founder and gallery curator Peter Tunney.

The gallery exhibits an everchanging roster of group and solo shows from past and present The Wynwood Walls artists, centered around providing viewers and collectors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the global street art movement.

Our current exhibitions are ‘The Wynwood Walls Anniversary 10 year Retrospective’ group show showcasing past and present The Wynwood Walls artists and ‘Collection of Moments’ the El Seed Solo Show, both of which opened in early 2020.

The GGA Gallery is a subsidiary of Goldman Global Arts. Goldman Global Arts is a Miami and New York-based creative collective founded by Jessica Goldman Srebnick and Peter Tunney. Goldman Global Arts have elevated the platform of street art and public art as an instrument of change by infusing art and creativity into life in unexpected ways. By challenging what is known and inspiring curiosity using a language that connects both people and art, we take on projects that will continue to shift the paradigm of how people interact with and perceive the spaces that surround them.

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