augmented reality

In a breakthrough new way to explore the works of legendary artists Shepard Fairey, Buff Monster, Sandra Chevrier and Millo, Wynwood Walls, Miami’s dynamic street art hub has joined forces with AR/T House for a new experience. An open-to-the-public event on Friday, March 15 will kick off the innovative collaboration, which provides an immersive and multidimensional look at street art, bringing artists’ murals to life before guests’ very eyes.

Shepard fairey

“As much as I love to create art in real life, I also understand the value of technology and different points of connection with an audience. I have a long history with Wynwood Walls, and I’m happy to support Wynwood Walls’s foray into an immersive augmented reality experience.” – Shepard Fairey, United States


“I think this format makes my work step into reality. It’s like my characters and my urban landscape full of cars, clouds, planes, suddenly turn alive. If the artwork itself can be considered like a frozen image in time, this is instead what happens in Milloland constantly!” – Millo, Italy

buff monster

“I’m thrilled about working on an AR project, especially since it’s my first time doing so. Seeing my characters animated is incredibly fun, and I’m thoroughly impressed by the work done by the AR/T House. They didn’t need any extra artwork from me; they simply captured a photo of the mural and made it all come to life! I can’t wait for people to experience this!” – Buff Monster, United States

sandra chevrier

“As an artist who only works with the traditional pencils and paintbrushes (even on murals projects) collaborating with an innovative animation development  brings together the classic charm of my traditional techniques with the exciting and dynamic nature of animation.

In my artistic practice, storytelling plays a vital role as I carefully select and create masks in each piece. Therefore, witnessing these masks come to life through animation adds another layer of intrigue and creates an engaging dialogue that enhances the overall artistic experience.” – Sandra Chevrier, Canada

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