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year/ 2009 - 2022


A native of Tokyo, internationally renowned street artist, AIKO aka LADY AIKO, has been living and working in New York since the 1990s. Early on in her career, AIKO worked alongside contemporary pop artist Takashi Murakami. Later, she was a founding member of the pioneering street art group, FAILE. She has collaborated with Bansky and Bast among other notable street artists. AIKO’s name translates into “Love,” and she tries to infuse all of her work with the spirit of this moniker. A versatile artist well beyond her contemporaries, AIKO uses stencils, spray paint, acrylic, gold leaf and other materials on unusual surfaces— such as mirrors, found objects and street signs— creating densely layered images alluding to themes of sexuality, femininity and Eastern and Western pop culture. Her famous Bunny stencils can be found on the streets of Asia, Africa and Europe. AIKO has been participating in Wynwood Walls since its inception in 2009 and this is her third invitation to partake in this extraordinary project.