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year/ 2009



Ara peterson

Ara Peterson, born 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts, is an American artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. He is known for his interlaced relief paintings and sculptures, which are rooted in wave patterns and a process-intensive work ethic. Peterson was a founding member of the art collective Forcefield.

jim drain

In vigorously colorful mixed-media works, Miami-based artist Jim Drain uses saturated psychedelic hues and patterns in a combination of formal exploration, art history, and popular culture. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Drain attended the Rhode Island School of Design in the late 1990s, where he became involved with an art collective that inspired his extensive mixing of mediums. Following school, Drain introduced his love for discarded materials to a new skill—knitting—and is now best known for his stuffed and sewn sculptures that incorporate fabric scraps with machine knit-patterns. In general, Drain’s works are a mélange of many parts; fun-house mirrors, plastic easter eggs, found items, and printed ephemera bearing referential imagery.