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year/ 2010

Ben Jones

Ben is a key member of the celebrated art collective Paper Rad that makes comics, zines, video art, and music among other work. The interdisciplinary artist’s trippy fluorescent-colored images and signature use of patterns and gradients such as diagonal lines, are representative of the group’s lo-fi style. Bringing a sense of humor to a nonsensical world, Ben’s stories are captivating not only for their aesthetic but for their funny and original characters.

Ben Jones’ mural for the Wynwood Walls in 2010 featured a character from his Cartoon Network show The Problem Solverz. He explains what made him want to do the project: “I went to the dinner with Jim Drain at opening of the first year and sat with Fab Five Freddy. Tony came out and gave an amazing speech about the project, life, death and art, then Big Freedia started to play in front of one of the walls, with these amazing booty dancers. After that night the Wynwood Walls stuck with me as an amazing place.”