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year/ 2012

jesse geller (nemel)

Born in Philadelphia and currently working in New York and San Francisco, Jesse Geller is part of the IRAK graffiti crew and goes by the name Nemel. Geller says he first starting tagging at the age of nine. Geller had developed the concept of tags upon tags upon tags creating an abstract pattern while in San Francisco, but it is actually through the execution of his large wall projects that the vision is brought to another level.

For his Wynwood Walls Mural, Geller layered blue, pink and yellow overlapping tags to create a stunning illusion of depth. The end result is a dazzling effect which is exactly opposite of what one would associate with the tag – instead of being chaotic, it is seductive, a harmonious treatment to the skill involved with writing’s one name. In graffiti, learning how to write one’s name is the essence of life, and through these masterfully built up tag walls, Geller has manipulated this essence and transformed the cacophony of the streets into a symphony of depth and color.