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year/ 2017 - 2022

joe iurato

Joe Iurato is a New Jersey based multidisciplinary artist whose foundation is built on stencils and spray paint. An internationally recognized street artist, gallery and commercial artist, Joe’s known for having a distinctly clean and illustrative style that lands somewhere between minimalistic and photorealistic. At the heart of his work are the stories, each shaped by personal experiences, influences and observations. His recollection of childhood, in all of its innocence, imaginative play, mischief and curiosity, is a recurring theme in Joe’s works – often told through depictions of his own kids, neighborhood friends and families he meets along the way.

For almost 20 years, Joe’s been dedicated to stencil art and exploring its possibilities. Outside, he works on varying scales, from mural to miniature, often creating site-specific installations that allow the surrounding environment to play a key role in the completion of the works’ narratives. His signature wooden cutouts, tiny street interventions left to be stumbled upon, highlight the unlimited potential for storytelling within the overlooked details of public space. In the studio, he uses a wide range of media, including found objects and reclaimed wood, to experiment, tinker, build and evolve.