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year/ 2012


Craig Costello a.k.a. “KRINK,” or “KR,” grew up in Queens in the 1980’s surrounded by graffiti writers, skaters, and punks. Graf was a part of the attitude as much as it was the landscape. Everything was very DIY: steal paint, illegal spots, make markers, emphasize your style, experiment with multiple tools and methods. As graf on trains died and art spilled out onto the streets and highways, writers becam more mobile and so styles and tools changed accordingly.

He moved to San Francisco in the early ‘90s. The scene he found there was thriving, yet different. He arrived with a whole different attitude regarding materials and styles. Ignoring designated areas, he used the streets of SF as his very own R&D lab, experimenting with various tools and techniques to create bigger, drippy marker tags. Through these trials and errors, he began making his own inks, and thus KR’s ink, or Krink, was born.

In 1998 KR returned to NYC and brought Krink back with him. Before long, its signature style was covering the streets of NY. Fast-forward to today and Krink products are shipping daily from a headquarters in Brooklyn to everywhere from California to Moscow to Tokyo. The product line has grown to offer a number of different markers and inks that are unique to the market in their style, history and quality. And when the collaboration feels right, Krink continues to create limited edition products with like-minded companies like Nike, Casio, and Coach.