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year/ 2013

miss van

Miss Van born, Vanessa Alice Bensimon, comes from Toulouse, France. She started wall painting in the streets of Toulouse at the age of 18 and is considered one of the best-known painters of the graffiti scene in France. Her feminine aesthetic was a breath of fresh air in a traditionally male movement of urban art.

Miss Van most famously creates sensual female characters known as her ‘Poupes’. From these pouting, sulky girls emerge a certain sensuality and disconcerting eroticism that brash and unapologetic. In keeping with her style, traits from her personality are infused in each piece making them a sort of self-portraits. She takes pleasure in playing with ambiguities, her Poupes are childlike women that are equally angelic and devilish. They have a rare appeal that transcends gender and can be seen on the streets and in galleries alike all over the world.