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year/ 2023


Anthony Renelle Reed II, better known in the Art Community as ‘Mojo,’ is a professional Contemporary Artist based in Miami, FL. His upbringing in ST. Louis, MO granted him a profound perspective in his personal creative contribution and inspired him to bring uplifting awareness for his community.

“It is my dutiful responsibility to evolve into a beacon of light transmuting my soul’s unique purpose into creative expressions that will uplift the frequency of our collective human existence.”- MOJO

Mojo began his creative career by attending the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). He graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Sequential Art. His unique perspective in visual storytelling has allowed Mojo to enter the Fine Art world with an elevated sense of responsibility. By understanding the importance of people’s interpretation of stories, it has allowed Mojo to craft detailed and thoughtful works of Art.

Mojo began to gain strong momentum once moving to Miami, FL in 2018. His vibrant depictions of Black American Culture brought a strong sense of purpose to this colorful city. His intentional portraits, insistence on positive representation, and his masterful technique quickly put him on the map as an Artist to watch. His current Partnerships include Nike Inc., When We All Vote with Michelle Obama, Goldman Global Arts, Wynwood Walls, Forbes Magazine, HBOMAX, Viacom, Comcast, Xfinity, Ciroc, Love.Watts, NBCLX, NBC6 Miami, and of course, Savannah College of Art and Design.

In summer of 2021, Mojo officially established and registered his 501c3 Non Profit organization titled, Healing with Hues, Inc. The newly founded Healing with Hues, Inc. is focused on three pillars: Community Based Art Initiatives and Activations, Art Therapy, and Youth Development. Mojo and his board of Directors are passionate about crafting inspiring and impactful visual narratives, mentoring aspiring visual artists, and bringing public fine art to underserved communities.

“On the road to becoming a better person and rediscovering my spirituality, it led me to creating artwork and sharing the unfolding of my being with the world. With that sense of openness, I was able to align myself with others who were on the same mission to serve the community with Art. I prayed for God to bless every action and step I take towards my desires in serving this world. It has continued to unfold by that powerful grace and love.”-MOJO