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year/ 2011


Miguel Mejía, also known by his artist alias Neuzz, is an illustrator and painter from Mexico whose work has been published in numerous publications in Mexico, Europe and the United States. Neuzz is part of a new generation of street artists who reference Mexico’s rich visual culture. His deconstructive images are a fusion of retro aesthetics and pre-Columbian graphics, mixed with influences from contemporary pop culture. Neuzz is also influenced by Mexican folklore and print artists such as Artemio Rodriguez and José Guadalupe Posada, whose best-known works are his engravings of calaveras or skulls.

Neuzz is fascinated by masks: “I started to use the concept of the mask first for its aesthetic, which has always seemed impactful and even tenebrous to me. In the case of the masks that are made in Mexico in particular, they serve as an instrument of interaction and spiritual communication between the animal-man and the forces of nature, and also with the magical and spiritual world. When a character appears wearing a mask in my drawings or illustrations, it means that it is a phantom spirit.”