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year/ 2022




Born and raised in Miami, Quake jumped headfirst into graffiti in the mid 90’s, inspired as a youngster by the illegal masterpieces in his neighborhood. Although it landed him in legal trouble multiple times as a youngster, he was eventually able to focus that energy into a BFA degree from the University of Miami, and shortly thereafter formed his own creative design and mural company, Cushy Gigs Creative. You can find his work in a variety of mediums, and usually with a strong Miami accent. Quake is mainly inspired by abstract lettering treatments and the everyday things he sees around him; including Miami’s highways, water towers, crashing waves and abandoned buildings, but prides himself on tackling new projects whenever given the opportunity.


Hiero Veiga, or Hiero, is a self-taught American contemporary artist specializing in the use of spray paint for large scale murals. With over 21 years of experience, Hiero has evolved from writing graffiti to curating hyper-realistic pieces ranging from portraits, natural scenery, and psychedelic art. Hiero’s unique perspective and experience of light and color is reflected in his distinctive compositions. His current personal work style involves abstract backgrounds and kaleidoscopic designs with Groucho glasses, chattering teeth, and rubber ducks. Hiero has participated in countless mural festivals and collaborated with numerous artists in his community. His most prominent works were done in participation with Pow Wow! Mural Festivals, including a mural displayed in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hiero is based in Florida, but you can find his work in the streets, businesses, and galleries across the United States, Jamaica, and Canada.