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year/ 2014


Jason Williams was born in 1977 in Riverside, California. Discovering arts in his early age thanks to his father’s collection of album covers of 60’s and 70’s music albums, comic books and his interest in skateboarding culture, he started sneaking out from his parents’ home to write graffiti. He is a member of the Seventh Letter, famous West coast collective of artists and Mad Society Kings (MSK) that is a world-known graffiti crew. Since his teenage beginnings, Revok successfully develops a reputation not only as an influential graffiti painter, but also the prolific artist whose work has been exhibited worldwide in both gallery and museum spaces. Starting from the old school graffiti writing, his style is constantly improving, moving the boundaries of known expression.

In the attempt to make things more beautiful, artist Jason Williams, better known as Revok explores the themes connected with the human experience using materials from his urban surroundings. Starting from the streets of his birth town, he became one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the Los Angeles urban scene. As a passionate artist he got into the troubles with the law, but after the hard times, he managed to direct his talent toward the new kinds of expression creating pieces that could be compared to the color studies of Josef Albers in a combination with the hard edge painting and Revok’s distinctive lust for texture.