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year/ 2011


Born as Edgar Flores, he raised in Mexico City, where he had a chance to discover graffiti art which directed him to earn a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. His work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, from Mexico City and New York to Berlin, London and Barcelona. The exposure to the massive pop art influenced him to freely wander between graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing. Connecting illustration manners, expressionism, naïve art and surrealism with street art techniques, Saner succeeded in giving a characteristic urban look to all of his pieces.

Using traditional imagery from his own cultural heritage, sometimes mixing it up with the ones from the countries he visits, Mexican street artist, illustrator and graphic designer Saner creates a distinctive vision of the world. His masked characters appear on walls, canvases, paper or found objects revealing the influence of Mexican customs and folklore. With the intense mystery touch and weird sense of humor, his local demons and heroes are relayed to present time. Posing the images on different surfaces, Saner questions modern society encouraging the viewer towards a mindset of oneness, as opposed to otherness.