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year/ 2011


From Mexico City, Sego’s initial love for graffiti was ignited by the works he observed on his city’s streets. In the early 2000s he chose to take the next step and began to leave his own mark, spending most of his time sketching and illustrating his ideas on paper, and then transferring them onto walls using spray paint. Sego’s fantastic drawings and paintings of imaginary creatures are complemented by the abstract images that he creates under his second alias Ovbal. Much of the artists’ work is inspired by his childhood and the natural environment that surrounded him.

Sego says that what allowed him to develop his own graffiti style was his experience living on the coast of Oaxaca. “When I was 12 years old, I lived in Istmo de Tehuatepec in Oaxaca for two years and suddenly found myself in a totally different environment than that of Mexico City. The vegetation, flora, fauna and the lifestyle of Oaxaca were all different from what I knew at the time. Later on when working on murals, in a subconscious way, I started to add elements, colors, textures and forms from that time lapse in Oaxaca.”