Cryptik [ LOS ANGELES, CA, USA ]

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Based in Los Angeles...

Cryptik started creating street art in 2008. His art is part of the Cryptik Movement which is dedicated to helping humanity evolve towards greater awareness and understanding through the use of compelling, iconic imagery that demands both scrutiny and reverie. The purpose of this movement is to facilitate the development of a deeper, more meaningful philosophy of life.

With that philosophy, his work most often features depictions of iconic deities and spiritual leaders, such as the Dalai Lama and Ghandi along with his signature calligraphy, which he has described as a combination of ancient scripts such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic and Hindi with a twist of gang graffiti/cholo writing. Cryptik’s work goes beyond the street and can be seen galleries as well as in print with his book, Cryptik: Eastern Philosophy, which also features his writings.

In addition to his Wynwood Doors mural for Wynwood Walls’ 2015 program Walls of Change, he also created a mural with DALeast for the 2014 program, the Art of Collaboration.