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year/ 2013


Kashink picks up inspiration from many different cultures in her travels around the world. She considers herself not only a street artist but a street activist. Her vividly colored murals often feature men, whereas most female painters usually paint female figures. The men she paints are usually large and hairy, and almost always having four eyes. The characters include tough yet sensitive gangsters, alien-looking ogres, and shamans from ancient tribes. Some of them are gay, some of them are killers, some others are a little of both.

Most recently she has been taking on various themes: the absurdity of social interactions through the theme of masks, the taboo subject of death and the various ways to deal with it especially in the latino culture. For the Women on the Walls program for Art Basel 2013 Kashink continued an ongoing movement to paint 50 cakes of Gay, around the world in support of equal rights in regard to gay marriage. The 50 cakes are beautifully adorned wedding cakes in brilliant colors.