Art Week 2023

Featured Artists

leon keer

ron english

sandra chevrier

the london police


Tuesday, November 21– Sunday December 4

Artists Begin Live Installations and Painting.

Tuesday, November 21 – Sunday December 4

Complimentary Street Art Experience.

Friday, November 24

Black Friday Preview

saturday, November 25

Subway Unveiling

sunday, November 26

Painting With The Artists – 


Tuesday, November 28

Street Sessions

2 PM – Greg Mike

Wednesday, November 29

Street Sessions

2 PM – The London Police

4 PM – SHOK-1

Thursday, november 30

Street Sessions

2 PM – Lauren YS 

4 PM – Mojo

friday, december 1

Street Sessions


Wynwood Walls Shop Artist Signing

Artists: Mojo & Leon Keer

Products: Notebooks, Magnets, Sticker Packs, T-shirts, Hoodies, and Book.

Sunset Conversations

3 PM – Art x Brain Power

4 PM – Art x Diversity


Painting With The Artists

11 AM – Lauren YS, Ron English, SHOK-1, Mojo

Sprayground for Wynwood Walls Shop

12 PM – Pre-sale Release with Dan Lam & DEFER

Limited Edition Backpacks: Engage with the artists, delve into their creative process, and explore the array of products they’ve designed for Art Week

Meet The Class

2 PM – All Artists

Sunset Conversations

4 PM – Art x Women at the Walls

5 PM – Art x Sustainability


Sculpture Unveil

11 AM – Ron English & Dan Lam

Rome Pays Off for Wynwood Walls Shop

12 PM – Unveiling 10 styles featuring artists Greg Mike, Defer, The London Police, Dan Lam, Ron English, and Dan Kitchener

A unique collection in collaboration with the renowned brand Rome Pays Off, showcasing hoodies, crewnecks, and t-shirts

Sunset Conversations

2 PM – Art x AAPI Artists

Kai Scavenger Hunt

3 PM 

Monday, december 4

Unveiling Event and Wynwood Walls Opening Party with Grammy Award-Winning DJ FatBoy Slim

Invitation Only

tuesday, december 5

Shop Product Drop

wednesday, december 6

Shop Product Drop

thursday, december 7

Shop Product Drop

friday, december 8

Shop Product Drop

saturday, december 9

Shop Product Drop

sunday, december 10

Shop Product Drop